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Jesse Chisholm

Jesse Chisholm was a pioneer and tradesman in Indian Territory, most famously known for scouting the Chisholm Trail, which is named after him. Born around 1805, he was half-Cherokee. He grew up in Arkansas until he was approximately 20 years old, at which time he left home to search for gold.

After working to help the U.S. government establish ties with the Comanche and Wichita tribes, Chisholm became one of the best known guides in Indian Territory. He helped Sam Houston establish relations with the Comanche and constantly visited Native American tribes in the American southwest.

Jesse was a friend of Montford Johnson, whom he helped reach agreements with the Native Americans living on the Chickasaw Nation’s Western frontier. Without these agreements, Montford’s ranching venture would have been in constant jeopardy from tribes occupying the area. 

Jesse was a successful trader and operated a trading post in Indian Territory (near modern downtown Oklahoma City) until his death in 1868.

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