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Edward Bryant Johnson

Edward Bryant “E.B.” Johnson was the first son of Montford and Mary Johnson. He was born on October 1, 1863, and grew up learning about the ranching life. As a child, E.B. was bright, quickly learning to read and write, though he was more interested in ranching.

Montford insisted that his children receive a proper education, and E.B. attended various schools during his youth. Shortly after his mother’s death, E.B. travelled to New York City to continue his education. During this time he was tutored in his grandfather’s liquor trade and grew to abhor spirits of all kinds.

E.B. returned from New York to attend Montford’s second wedding in 1883, and there he met his future wife, Mollie Graham, whom he married in 1887. After Montford’s death in 1896, E.B. became guardian to his half-brothers and sisters, who were still young children. E.B. was a successful businessman and maintained the family estate for many years. E.B. died on Christmas Day 1935.

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