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Boggy Johnson

Montford Johnson’s father, Charles (Boggy) Johnson was born in England in 1819 and traveled to America at the young age of 19. Trained as a Shakespearean actor, he joined a small theater company that toured the south where he married a beautiful Chickasaw woman, Rebekah Courtney.

Boggy and Rebekah established their home amongst the Chickasaw and eventually had two children, Adelaide and Montford. In 1844 Rebekah passed away of pneumonia, leaving Boggy with two young children. After the loss of his wife, Boggy made arrangements to leave the Chickasaws and move his children back east. However, Rebekah’s family insisted the children stay with them. Boggy reluctantly left his children behind and traveled east alone. This would be the last contact Montford and Adelaide had with their father for more than thirty years.

Boggy was reunited with Montford and Adelaide in the summer of 1877.

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