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Beautiful and treacherous, the Western plains of Indian Territory were home to one of the most colorful personalities of the 19th Century—Chickasaw rancher Montford T. Johnson.  Orphaned at a young age, Johnson survived great hardships and tragedy to establish a vast ranching empire along the famous cattle highway of the American West, the Chisholm Trail. Inspired by recounts of Johnson's life, this dramatic story tells of his time among settlers, cowboys, Indian fighters, bandits and fur traders. Armed with a colt revolver and dreams of a better life, he had the grit, determination and courage that was needed to tame what seemed an infinite wilderness, while always maintaining respect for the Native people who lived there.

Montford T. Johnson

Renowned Oklahoma cattleman Montford Thomas Johnson was born in November...

Mary Elizabeth Johnson

Montford Johnson’s first wife, Mary Elizabeth (Campbell) Johnson...

Edward Bryant Johnson

Edward Bryant “E.B.” Johnson was the first son of Montford...

Adelaide Johnson Campbell Bond

Adelaide Johnson Campbell Bond was the older sister of Montford Johnson....

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell was the first husband of Adelaide Johnson. He first met...

Granny Vicey Harmon

Vicey “Granny” Harmon was a Chickasaw woman who became a...

Jesse Chisholm

Jesse Chisholm was a pioneer and tradesman in Indian Territory, most...


Chickasaw Nation Productions announces diverse cast for “The Chickasaw Rancher”


Martin Sensmeier, who landed a starring role alongside Denzel Washington in “The Magnificent Seven,” will play the lead role of Montford Johnson in “The Chickasaw Rancher.”

Feature Film to share story of The Chickasaw Rancher, Montford Johnson


The search is underway in the Los Angeles area for Native American actors to star in a tribally - produced feature film inspired by the life of Chickasaw cattle rancher Montford T. Johnson.

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